2014 Fall Must Have

Going through lots of fashion magazines woke up the fashion addict in me . I wouldn’t wear everything that is in now, especially if it is something I don’t really like (too extravagant outfits for example are not my thing) but I do love this fall new must have and the star of this season are the good old jeans. It is easy because everybody has jeans.  I am a jeans lover so I have most of this fall must have in my closet . Jeans are never out of fashion anyway and from my point of view they are the best invention ever . Comfortable , sexy and very practical. The perfect combination. 🙂 Now let’s categorize 2014 fall outfits :

No. 1 – The jeans shirt . You can wear this baby how ever you want. With leather pants, skirts, jeans, leather jacket, tie up a silk scarf like a bow for some extra style and the options are endless.

denim-shirt-and-white-skirt denim shirt 1


No. 2- The jeans jumper . I love jumpers in general. Very practical outfits and fortunately I didn’t have to buy a new one because I got one a year ago from Istanbul. The daughter of the CFO of the company I worked for was wearing one and I loved it so much she went with me and helped me get one. Lucky me! 😀 You can wear a nice shirt or sweater underneath and some nice boots.


No.3 – Patched Jeans – I like this because you can be very creative with it and you can even do it yourself. I would wear those with nude boots or red shoes.


No.4- Boot cut jeans – 70’s baby! This classy jeans are back in trend and they do complement any figure with some high heels, making your legs look longer.


No. 5- Animal printed shoes. We had to add some shoes to all those jeans. You can wear this shoes with almost anything. Don’t wear it with a too crowded , printed type outfit. Keep it simple if you wear sophisticated shoes.




All you need to do is to jean(s) yourself up ladies! 😉


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