Magic Mood Boots

Ladies, please take a seat before reading this because I surely needed to. The fashion advanced a lot and the most incredible creation is Alexander Wang’s changing color boots. Not even in my dreams I would think about this kind of boots . Anyway they will remain in my dreams because of the price , 795$ !!! What the heck! Make it 800$! ;)) I think it’s worth it and most of all for the creativity. This guy nailed it in shoes industry because this magic boots are heat sensitive and change colors (acid green and shades of grey)  when you wear them. If this doesn’t blow your mind I don’t know what does?! Meanwhile , congratulations to the designer and I will post bellow a picture for you to admire these futuristic boots.

The top part is actually a dark brownish green  but changes to this acid green when you are wearing it. 😀



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