The perfect weight


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I was just reading an article about a girl that suffered of bulimia and it made me think about how we are dragged into thinking that skinny is how we should look. Wrong! Healthy is how we should look!

The images of the women in magazines are so perfect but most of those models are teenagers and the rest make big sacrifices to keep it up . A very small percentage of the women are naturally skinny. The rest of us, we are who we are. Some meat here and there. ;)) I think it is safe to eat healthy and to exercise, to maintain a normal weight according to your age, height and body shape. Just enough to make yourself feel good about how you look. Girls who are under 18 , don’t you even think about drastic diets!  I had a high school colleague that almost died for that reason. Moderation is everything! Keep a balance between what you eat and activity. I still miss the body I had until I turned 25 but it gets really hard to get it back so now I started to balance myself. I started to eat healthy without having in mind only loosing weight but making a habit out of it. I still eat carbs when I feel like but I try to eat it in the morning for my body to burn it by the time I go to bed. Do not think I only eat salads. I actually don’t eat salads at all! I eat fish, soups, grilled meat, beans, avocado, olives, cheese, fruits… I do eat chocolate and cookies but not big amounts. As I am not on a diet I do not feel restricted so it is lots easier for me to eat in smaller quantities. I actually eat more often . Like five times a day! Exercise made my extra weight look good because by exercising you just contour your body. Your body looks nicer with some movement. 😉 Again, by exercising I don’t mean hours in the gym but some toning exercising, running and dancing which is my favorite. Playing games outside with your children will count as exercising too you know!  I started to wear outfits that complement my figure and makes me  feel more confident about the way I look.  By doing all that (it didn’t seemed like a big sacrifice as I was relaxed about it , although relaxation came after few months of struggle. I had to train myself!) loosing weight (in a very small pace) started to happen. My ideal weight would be around 56 kg . ( 127 lb.) and I weigh like 140lb. 62.5 kg.  In 2 months I lost around 5lb./2.5 kg. , and I still loose around 200-300 grams./week . It is not a lot but it is better than nothing. 🙂 Do not stress yourself about looking skinny, take care of yourself in such way to be healthy and live a healthy life and to be confident about the way your body looks. 🙂 Start with really small efforts and the results will come! 🙂



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