Organizing the closet

Yesterday I was in the mood to organize a little bit my closet. I am not usually a very organized person but I have my moments when I think there is need to put things in order. My closet is very crowded and sometimes it is difficult to find things so I thought it will be better if I just sort everything by color.

I arranged everything like this : black, grey, white, beige, brown, red, coral, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and what has multiple colors at the end. I also put them in a fabric texture order , somehow, from thicker to thinner. Now it is much easier for me to look for what i need. I want to wear black? I will look only in the black section.:) I think ordering clothes by color would be the best idea for the stores ( Charming Charlie has everything arranged like that) as if you are looking for a certain color you will not waist time looking everywhere but you will know exactly where to go. 😉

The picture of my closet is not so impressive as I have bunch of stuff in there and it is crowded but It is just to show you what I did! 🙂




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