Finding shoes for wide feet



If you have wide feet then come and join the club. There are so many cute shoes out there that I can’t wear because will either squeeze my feet, can’t pull up the zipper or it simply doesn’t fit.  The variety of shoes I can choose from is so limited but with all that I found some brands that have comfortable and cute shoes to match my feet. It was like discovering the Holy Grail or something like that! ;))

Just to save you some time I will tell you which are the brands of shoes comfortable and nice for wide feet that I found.


1. Nine West .      FullSizeRender (15)That thick heel makes me feel stable and safe!  I love the design and the width for my feet. 🙂  Check out their website for more models


2. Rockport . They don’t have super trendy designs but their shoes are super comfortable. This is a simple black boot but goes with everything. FullSizeRender (16)

Check out their website for more:


3. Giani Binni . Trendy colorful models , suitable for wide feet, comfortable too. FullSizeRender (17)IMG_0426

I couldn’t find their website but you can find more models if you give a search on Google. 🙂


4. Audrey Brooke. I left the best for the last as these are my favorite shoes. Nice look, nice price ( I got them from DSW) , very comfortable, doesn’t make your feet look weird or squeezed. I will definitely look for this designer first.  IMG_0418 IMG_0419

For more styles give a Google search for Audrey Brooke shoes! 🙂

This is what I found in my struggle with finding the right shoes for my wide feet. I hope I helped you a little and if you know some other shoe brands for wide feet, your information will be highly appreciated! 🙂



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