I’ve learned it from my mama

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My mother is the one who first inspired me and introduced me to this world of beauty and style and she taught  me how to dance too. 🙂

My mother would never wear the same clothes at work two days in a row, or the same make up or the same hair style. We were not having money but the second-hand stores were such a good deal and she had an eye to find the nicest outfits there. I didn’t like the second-hand stores because something in there made me sneeze a lot but I would stay there and watch her shop and find things. I was happy with her findings .

Even when she would just stay at home, she would put on lipstick, brush her hair and put on some perfume.  I was more loose and she would give me a hard time. In her idea a woman should always look put together.

She taught me make up tricks, how to match clothes, she encouraged me to shave my legs ;)) , she wanted me to look nice, to look like a stylish lady because the image counts.

I am so thankful to her for that!

The way you present yourself to the world counts.

At least as a first impression because we all know that on a long-term skills and intelligence will matter more but remember that we all see the package first and then the content.

Using few minutes every day to make yourself look nice is not a big deal and you are doing it for yourself! 🙂




photo source: http://www.v3wall.com


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