Change your style !

We all have a certain style that define us but it is good from time to time to try something new, something different.

When I moved from my natal city to Bucharest I knew that I need to change my style. I needed more cute dresses, I wanted to try something different as I always was a pants person.

Pants are very practical and comfortable and it was what defined me back then.

I started slowly to buy some dresses, skirts and shirts to make me look more feminine, then I started to change my hair color more often and I still do now because I see change like a challenge.

If I am getting bored with my own look sometimes, imagine the others who know me? ;))) It is good to surprise sometimes.

I had a time when all my clothes were black. Now I have almost every color in my closet.

When I moved to US , I kind of changed my style again. I was willing to try more daring clothes and outfits but still keep it stylish. I like very much stylish and put together kind of looks but I like to match with the places I’m going too.

I even had  my hair colored purple (which I will never do again) but it felt good for me to try!

Having your style changed sometimes can come like a fresh breeze, like a small holiday. I really recommend you to try it because It feels awesome and you have an extra reason to go shopping! 😉


This is me wearing a dress that I paired with a black jacket and black boots. I was going to a friend’s birthday party and I preferred to keep it simple and neutral. I’m not an extravagant person anyway but hey I am wearing a dress! 🙂

FullSizeRender (18)


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