Puffy eyes and dark circles gone! For real!

I don’t really have the puffy eyes problem but more of the dark circles or I had better said.

Me and my husband found this eyes products at Clinique that proved to work amazingly well. I am not paid to advertise for any brand nor I work (yet) for any brand. Just wanted to let you know so you can trust my review about this products. I am very skeptical with facial products and I am more a fan of naturist cures and solutions. Clinique is less chemical anyway.

Coming back to our subject , if you have the puffy eyes and dark circles problem I truly recommend you this two products from Clinique :

1. For puffy eyes : Clinique all about eyes (works for dark circles too)IMG_0502


2.For dark circles: Clinique even better eyes IMG_0505


I know these two work for sure but you need to use it before bed and also in the morning! 🙂

If you prefer a cheaper method, try to apply some chamomile cold compress on the eyes, or rub some green tea ice cubes under your eyes. If you are in a hurry, to depuff your eyes, take two spoons and just keep it on your eyes a little. The coldness of the metal will help with the puff. You can even put it in the fridge for a cooler effect while you brush your teeth.

Apply some concealer(one shade lighter than your skin tone, even two if the dark circles are too dark) to hide your dark circles.  

Bye, bye puffy eyes and bye bye dark circles! 🙂


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