Be a good book!




How many of you agree with this quote? I mainly do but let’s not forget that  we do the same thing too but only until we became women and the boys until they become men. The experience of going through so many covers will teach you how to choose a good book.

While boys love short skirts , men love confidence more than a short skirt. Especially the confident men as the not confident men will never like a confident woman!

We have to be honest here and to admit that the first impact is the visual one. That is what makes you interested. The second one is the chemistry and the rest is your job.

Not all of us have perfect faces and bodies and after the visual impact which can be followed by sexual desire if you don’t have more than what you show you will remain only at the stage of sexual desire in men’s eyes. And it is not because they are insensitive. (Not all of them!)

Imagine that you pick a book by its cover. The cover is pink and you think it might be a book about love and happiness but when you start reading it you realize is about hate and disappointment.  You had it, you’ve touched it, you read the first page or the first chapter but that’s it.

You will put it aside as it is not what you really want.

We all do that! Girls and boys!

Stay true to yourself, take care of your body , your intelligence, your self improvement, your soul.

The cover of the book might fade with the years but the content of it will make it a good book forever.

Be a good book! 🙂




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