A strong woman


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We all need to be strong because life has ups and downs and you need to be strong to proudly climb the ups and to quickly pass the downs.

A strong woman can move mountains, a strong woman can cross the sea but mostly a woman is strong when she can smile in face of the problems.

You know a woman is strong when:

1. She knows that what is left behind must be left behind;

2. She is confident and when she looks in the mirror she sees what’s best in her.

3. She is able to smile even when her days are cloudy.

4. She doesn’t need a man to be happy. She is happy first by herself.

5. She takes care of her health and body.

6. She knows that keeping calm is the best way to find solutions.

7. The critics don’t knock her down but makes her prove she can be better.

9. She works hard for her own education  and future.

10 . She acts like a lady even in the most conflict like situations.

Of course a woman proves how strong she is in her most difficult times and when a strong woman steps into a room you can feel the floor shaking because her steps are strong and you can feel relaxed because her smile is sweet and warm.

Cheers for all those strong women who bravely know how to handle life with everything  it has to offer. 🙂



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