The trends in Bucharest and Madrid

Hi ladies. As I came back from my trip I was thinking I should share with you the fashion trend impressions from Bucharest and Madrid. Unfortunately I stuffed my bags with sweaters and clothes and I didn’t had lots of space to bring more outfits from Europe. As an European girl I really enjoy more the clothes there. It is a bit different.  I only managed to bring a floral print outfit , high waist jeans , a black turtle neck sweater, a pair of shoes,  a pink fluffy sweater, some oils and teas from the naturist shop , satin nail polishes and my favorite coffee body wash from Yves Rocher . Next time I will fly there with an empty luggage.If by any chance you are going in a trip to Europe just buy your outfits there . Don’t bring to much with you. That’s the lesson I’ve learned.

In Bucharest you will find as a general trend super high waist jeans, boot cut jeans or pants (70’s kind of style) , faux fur coats, school girls skirts and leather skirts.

In Madrid Is trending  the longer chunky sweaters and prints. Especially floral but also the warm and cozy ponchos.

The fluffy sweaters and the leather pants are trending everywhere now. 🙂

image (1)




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