Shiny, sparkly? It’s mine!

I don’t know about you guys but as soon as I enter a store my eyes fall first on whatever shines. It is like I get hypnotized and can’t see anything else around but sparkle. I’m like that creature in “Lord of the Rings” as I am going towards it “My precious! ” Is what I say in my mind and it is very hard to let go but most of the times I do! Anyway I have my own collection of shiny and sparkly and my latest acquisitions are a silver sequins clutch with big shiny stones I found in Marshall’s  with 20$ , a necklace I found in Walmart with 10$  , a silver glitter nail polish and the pumps with sparkly front that I got in Madrid at a very good price around 30 $ (26 euros) . I got the dress 1 year ago from Ross and I didn’t get the chance to wear it but I will probably in the New Year’s Eve or at a party, maybe a wedding as I have 3 to come next year! 😉








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