It’s the season for your skin to get jolly!

When cold season is coming dry skin and dull hair comes too.  My first sign is dry hands. I don’t really use hand lotion except in cold weather. My hair suffers too as it has no shine, gets thinner  and it becomes harder to get a good hair day. All these signs tells you it is time for a deep skin and hair nourishment. They need something fatty to resist the cold. You can start from the inside by taking vitamins and eating almonds, walnuts, and other types of nuts to bring some vitamin E, also fish is good for the omega 3 and oranges , grapefruits and others rich in vitamin C to bring on the shine and also support your immunity.

Now let’s move to the outside.

Hands and Body Shea butter is really nourishing so I have it as an ingredient in my hand lotion and body lotion. I use Dove purely pampering hand cream and GOLD BOND ultimate skin therapy lotion.  For extra moisture I apply olive oil before shower and the lotion after the shower.

IMG_0834 (1)


Lips  The lips must be hydrated. They suffer the most in the cold season. I use Vaseline lip therapy in Creme Brulee.



Face  I love organic oils but I apply it in the night . I use grape seed oil, vitamin E oil and the newest is the rose petal oil which is my favorite. For daily use I have the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion which I apply twice in a row for extra moisture.  This is a lot for me  as I usually  have an oily / combination type of skin but in the cold weather my skin needs intense moisture.



Hair  My hair needs lots of treatment  now. I even gave myself a haircut but still doesn’t look alright. I try to intensely nourish it with this Babassu , Jojoba and Macadamia hair repair oil from Yves Rocher that I apply on the hair 10 minutes before washing it and with a repair balm for dry ends from Yves Rocher that I apply after. I also massage my scalp and roots with this sage, sulfur and coconut oil Vaseline named SuperGro that I found in Walmart as I confront myself with an itchy scalp situation.



Nourishment is the main word this season. I would gladly want to know what do you use to keep your skin moisturized in the cold season.  Take care of your skin , hair and body! 🙂


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