Tips for a better , healthier hair I got from a hairstylist



As I went to cut my hair in Bucharest I met this knowledgeable hairstylist who gave me lots of tips about the correct way to wash  and treat my hair and I would like to share it with you too.

1. Allow at least 10 minutes for washing your hair.

2. Make sure your hair gets lots of water before you apply the shampoo.  The hair, just like your body needs to be hydrated.

3. Always rub the shampoo between your hands before you apply it on your hair. It sets free those substances in the shampoo made to feed and clean your hair.

4. Rinse very well and then apply shampoo again. Less this time and insist on the ends.

5. Rinse again and apply the conditioner on the hair length  and insist on the ends. Never on the scalp. Rinse very well.

EXTRA TIP. Always tap your hair with the towel to absorb the water excess and to dry it a little but don’t rub your hair with it as the hair is more sensitive when it is wet and you might damage it. 

6. Apply a deep nourishing mask twice a week.

7. Trim your hair each 3 months.

8. Do change your shampoo often. I thought this is bad for the hair but she said that us women have  hormones fluctuations  almost every month so our skin and hair needs can change quite often. I don’t know about you guys but it happened to me a lot for the shampoo I used and I was very satisfied with to diminish  its good effects and then I had to look for another one.

EXTRA TIP : Because I would have my bath counter full of bottles of shampoo I couldn’t use as it didn’t work well on my hair I had to find a solution to save money. I am now buying the travel size shampoo and conditioner bottles and when I find the one that works I go for the normal size bottle. 

9. If you want more volume , apply a mousse for volume at the roots and spread it to your hair length. Dry your hair with your head upside down. To style it use a big round brush.  (I already knew that as my hair needs volume and I use this procedure all the time.)

10. In the fall time and spring time take some vitamins good for your hair. Biotin or some special capsules that you will apply directly on the roots. This way your hair will be ready to endure the winter and face the sun in the summer.


We all want to have everyday a good hair day but for this we need to help our hair a lot. Especially now when we use flat irons and curling irons our hair needs more attention than ever.




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