A home made facial


After a long week of work you need a treat. This is why I want to encourage you to give your self an easy, relaxing , home-made facial today as a thank you note to your skin that supported you all this week.

This is what you need to do.

1. In a pot boil some water in which you will add some chamomile tea packets. Let it sit covered for 5 minutes until the water get the color and smell of the tea. Then cover your head with a towel and let your face breath in the steam. (Your face must be clean before you do this.) Keep your face at a comfortable distance from the pot so you will not burn yourself.  The chamomile tea has lots of benefits : calming, moisturizing, healing, anti-oxidant and cleansing.  This infusion will open your pores which will absorb the best from this. You can do it from 5 up to 10 minutes.

2. Scrub your face (and lips too) very gently. You can prepare a scrub by mixing some sugar with some olive oil.

3. As a mask , apply honey on your face and even on your lips. ( Honey moisturizes skin, protects against damage and promotes wound healing. Very good for acne too. )  You can keep this mask on your face from 10 up to 20 minutes. Honey is perfect now in the cold season.

You can take a relaxing bath meanwhile. 😉

4. Massage your face and neck  with some essential oils. Argan, almonds, grape seed oil, vitamin E oil from capsules, olive oil, coconut oil what ever oil you have at home. While you massage it pinch your skin a little to assure blood flow. Before you apply the oils always rub it first in your palms. 😉

5. Take a good deep sleep. A chamomile tea before bed might help. I would also drink a cup of hot milk with honey. It helps with the sleep.


Enjoy your relaxation and your facial treat lovely ladies! 🙂





photo source: http://www.makeupandbeauty.com



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