Organizing our wedding in 1 month

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Me and my husband got married on September 1st 2013 in Romania. He proposed on July 13th while I was visiting him in US. Not long before I got back in Romania he called me and he asked me if I want a long engagement and I said no. At the end of the day If I said yes to the engagement for me it meant  that this is the man I want to get married with so here we are organizing our wedding in one month. As the wedding was set to happen in Romania I was in charge to organize it but we would advise each other through phone all the time.

1. Set the budget. Setting a budget first is very important because from here you will start to choose everything.

2. Looking for a location. I always wanted to have my wedding near water. Sea side or lake and to be warm enough so it will not be a closed space. I wanted like a big white tent. So I found the perfect location , a restaurant in a park that was having a big white tent on the lake . The start sound promising so I moved on.

3. The guests list. Me and my husband decided that we wanted to invite only close friends and relatives so we had like 60 people (including us ) on the list.

4. Invitations. Honestly we didn’t bother creating any fancy invitations especially as the time was short so I started to make calls and send e-mails. Nobody was bothered about that and I got answers pretty fast.

5. The menu. I had several menus arranged by the restaurant , I picked one according to the budget, I invited some friends to come with me, we tasted it, we liked it and this part is done too.

6. The wedding dress. I started my search on the internet, I found one I really liked , I called, they had it and I went to try it on. I tried some other models at the same store but I still liked that one better. One place, one stop, one shop, I got the dress. My husband was sending me pictures with tuxedos for him and with wedding rings models so we picked those together. The bad part (for a while) was that I couldn’t find shoes for my wedding dress in Romania as I have wide feet but my husband did a wonderful job and he bought the shoes from US for me which fit perfectly.

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7. The cake and the cookie bar. I went to that one place recommended by the restaurant which was great. I didn’t even wanted to go for taste but my friends convinced me to as they were more curious than me. I chose a white chocolate orange straciatella  mousse that was really awesome. Later I send the model for how I want our cake to look like and so it was done.

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8. The band. I searched for the band on the internet. I wanted one that had a DJ also as I wanted the music to be for everybody.We collaborated on the playlist and we made together the program.  This band was amazing. They offered such a complete professional service. They even offered me a better price.

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9. The photographer and my flowers bouquet. One of my friends  knew this couple. He is a photographer and she is a flower artist. Two from one shot. I love tulips so I wanted my bouquet made of white tulips. It was harder to find in the fall time but she did and the result was great. The photographer pretty awesome too.

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10. Something special! Fireworks! Me and my husband wanted fireworks for our wedding. The job that guy with the fireworks did was amazing. A real light show over the lake. With his help I organized a small surprise on the lake pontoon for my husband. This was our wedding and I wanted to have our own moment too. Just us, a beautiful fireworks art, a table, the sky, the lake, a bottle of champagne, two glasses, making our moment.

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11. The flower arrangements and setting the color trend for the wedding decorations. I wanted to go with ivory and green. I wanted everything to look clean, pure and fresh and so it looked. For the flowers arrangements I chose some pinks and purples too.      ( I have no pictures of these.)

12. Finding a good make up artist and a good hairstylist to whom I showed pictures with how I want my hair to look like. Both of the girls did a good job.

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13. We also arranged a white limousine to take us from the hotel to the restaurant and back.

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We chose our song together “Chris Young -You” and we made the choreography one night before the wedding. I also taught him and the girls some traditional Romanian dance  and other dances we usually dance at the weddings. We did everything in that little time we had.

Now , as in every wedding there are stress points too I will tell you our stress points. Two days before the wedding my step son got sick. He caught like a stomach flu. For two days he threw up day and night and could barely eat something. Me and my husband were extremely tired. I was so afraid for him not to get worse and also for us to have to cancel the wedding. We called a doctor to the hotel and he started to feel a little bit better but not completely. It was raining every day and I started to think about the religious ceremony that was about to be in open space, the fireworks and the surprise I had for my husband. Some really big painful pimples show up on my face just before the wedding, my mother stressing me out and some other little things.

The wedding day!

We were exhausted and still had many things to do . The little boy was feeling just a little bit better. Through other things we did in that day now it was the time for the preparation. We didn’t have bride’s maid or best man we just had our friends who were there for us, helping us. That day, after so much rain , it was so beautiful and sunny , it felt like summer.

Finally , a little bit late but ready to go and get married. As we were getting close to the pontoon where the priest and the guests were waiting for us the boy started to throw up again. I panicked but my husband kept his calm. Some of our friends took care of the poor little boy. They took him to the tent and let him lay down on a couch. We were worried but we proceeded. We started to feel more calm as everything was setting down also. Everything turned out to be perfect and I didn’t even went for perfection. I didn’t care for perfection because I only cared for all of us to have fun and make that day one of the happiest. The boy slept on the couch almost all night, my step daughters danced with us until 2 am, and we all celebrated until 4:30 a.m. .  The weddings in Romania are long. Ours started at 7 p.m. and went on until 4:30 a.m.

Everybody congratulated us and said that it was one of the best wedding they witnessed. It really was!

The next day, the little boy was feeling finally good but my husband got the virus too and in our fist day of marriage he was really sick. Me and kids let him lay down while we open the wedding gifts and played games. Later that night he felt better fortunately and we managed to have dinner with my family.

My advice is to not pay attention to all those small details but to be concentrated only on the fact that this is about to be one of the most important days of your life and the only thing you should worry about is for you and your husband to be happy.

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