Make up fun

Hi everyone and happy December! 🙂 This weekend I got to shop a little and got many cool things that I will review in my other articles but I also had fun with my step children and my husband, especially with my step daughters. We went shopping, we ate some goodies and played some american football that I have nothing in common with, watch movies and so on.  Just for fun, me and my step daughters decided to play with make up. So we did! ;))  As it is two of them and only one of me each of them got to do my make up and I was about to do theirs.

As sometimes a picture can express more than words I will let the following images speak for themselves. ;))

This is how I did their make up :

FullSizeRender (83) IMG_0999

This is how they did my make up.

The first one did a very good job but the last one really has talent! She made me look unrecognizable! ;))

FullSizeRender (81)

FullSizeRender (82)


Which one do you like best? ;))


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