Naked make up using Naked palette



Like two weeks ago I received a gift that was on my wish list for a while. Naked palette from URBAN DECAY. I love the colors as they match very well my skin tone and also the brush is very good quality and blends very well. I also got the URBAN DECAY eye shadow primer in Eden (the matte one) but honestly it didn’t offer me such long , non crease wear as advertised.

With the primers I think there must be something I don’t know or my eyelids are too oily. For example, if you stay in a place with moderate temperature or colder the make up will resist more than if you are exposed to warmer places. I think it depends on a lot of things to determine for how long your make up will last flawlessly.

Now, let’s get back to the naked make up which looks like a fresh face type of make up in the style of less is more.


What I used :

1. Foundation : Perfection Lumiere from Chanel in 40 Beige. I am very satisfied with this foundation. It is long wear has good coverage and also offers 15SPF broad spectrum.

Quick tip ! Before applying foundation hydrate your skin very very well. This will make your face look fresh and nice. I have oily combination skin and I still applied two coats of moisturizer.

2. Eye shadow : I used from the Naked Palette , only on the eye lid, Half Baked shade and on the outer corner of the lid I intensified just a little using Smog shade and blend.

3. Blush. I used Sheertone Shimmer Blush from MAC in SpringSheen which is a kind of rosy peach with a subtle golden shade in it. Goes well with almost any make up style.

4. Lip gloss: One of my all time favorite lip glosses is Infallible 8H Le Gloss from L’Oreal , Suede shade.  I just love this lip gloss. Looks fantastic on the lips and it is also long wear.



The make up is done. Nothing else and no mascara added! 🙂


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