Head to toe scrub and 3 easy DIY scrub recipes

Hello everyone! One of the rules for a smooth , clean skin is to give it some scrub rub. In this article I will show you what products I use for my head to toe scrub but I will also give you my home-made easy DIY scrub recipes for skin, body , hands and feet.

Exfoliating your skin two times a week is pretty important as it will eliminate the dead cells on the surface and will prepare your pores to absorb the benefits from your body lotions or other skin treatments.

One important thing that I want to share with you is that if you plan to shave or wax , do so the next day after the scrub happen in order to prevent any rashes or other skin damages. One at a time is better. 😉

These are the scrub products I use IMG_1171



1. For face – I use Neem Scrub from Himalaya Herbals – This is a face scrub lotion and not a face wash. It is very smooth on the skin, purifying and works well on normal to oily skin.

2. For body – I use Milk&Honey from Dickens&Hawthorne Australia – I always loved the milk&honey scent and feel . The scrub particles in this one are very small and thin. It works fine but for the body I prefer the scrub just a little bit more intense.

3. For hands and feet – I use the Lavender Scrub I bought in Farmer’s Market. It is made with olive oil, lavender and sea salt. It is moisturizing and exfoliates very well.


Now, let’s go to my home-made scrubs. I created this scrubs at home in few minutes. Not only they are efficient but they are also moisturizing so you get a 2 in 1 kind of product. 😉


I will name my scrubs “The scrub rub” . I didn’t check to see if this naming is already taken but I did not went commercial on it.

1. For face – I made a mixture of coconut oil, sugar and ground cinnamon. Cinnamon will help plump the skin and also with acne problems, the sugar will exfoliate while the coconut oil will offer extreme moisture which is extremely beneficial in the winter season.  Rub it gently on the skin , rinse and then pat dry with a towel. 🙂



2. For body –  Ground coffee, unsweetened cocoa and olive oil. Ad all of these in such way to make it look creamy.  Coffee mixed with olive oil will make and awesome job for cellulite but also energizes, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. The cocoa contains antioxidants . Will repair damaged skin and make it  luminous and soft . This scrub is very beneficial for your skin but it is messy so make sure you do it in the shower.



3. For hands and feet – I mixed bath salt with coconut oil and few drops of essential eucalyptus oil. Deep exfoliation for your hands and feet, intense moisturizing effect and stress relief. 😉



All of these scrubs smell really good and work very good also. I used it myself after I prepared it and I will use it some more maybe even improve some formulas. 😉

Hope you guys will try it. It is cheep and good at the same time. Can’t find this bargain everywhere! 😉



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