Make up for party no.1

Hi everyone! 🙂 December is not only a month full of joy and gifts but also a month full of parties, which is why I will start  posting a series of make up ideas you can use .

I wish my camera would take more clear pictures so I can present my make ups better but I will deal with what I have for now.

For this make up I used gold, purple, an earthy smokey brown and a matte beige eye shadow. I contoured with brown eyeliner and finished with mascara.

Probably a pair of fake eyelashes would make the make up look more glam but I don’t use fake eye lashes as I can’t. The only time I tried was at my wedding and when the girl put it on my eyes I had the impression I can’t see at all (although they were telling me my eyes were open), fortunately the hair stylist had a pair of ones that were very light , natural looking that I could bare for one night. 🙂

Now, let’s go to the make up. I actually made a chart on what to do. I want to add the fact that you have to use a blending blush for the make up to look well put together and to try to intensify the color by adding and blending.

I used the eye shadows from my Sleek Make up palette Sparkle 2. I did not try to look for it in US but for sure you can find it in Europe. The eye shadows are very good quality and at a very good price.  For the gold shade I used Elf Long Lasting Lustrous Eye Shadow and I applied  it  with my finger.

FullSizeRender (84)

Party make up

For lips I used this matte latte lipstick that I coated with some lip gloss for extra shine.



Hope you guys liked it! 🙂


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