4 Make up rules to look pretty on and after a long travel



Aloha everyone! All girls want to look pretty in any circumstance. Traveling can be fun but also exhausting if it is a long drive or a long flight. I’ve been several times on long flights, even more than 10 hours flights and if you are traveling to meet with someone important ,a boyfriend or a husband or someone from work for sure you want to look good and put together.

Of course , you can also run at the end of the flight to the bathroom in the airport and change or put some make up on, but for now, let’s pretend you don’t have this possibility or the bathroom in the airport is really crowded , like it usually is.

Rule no. 1 – I go for long wear products .  Long wear foundation, long wear eye shadow, long wear lipstick.  I use a long wear foundation from Chanel -Perfection Lumiere- , for eyes and lips I go for the Infallible line from L’oreal. They really don’t fail. Even the foundation from L’oreal would be a good idea.

Rule no. 2. The liquid or gel eyeliner is always the best idea. It doesn’t spread all over your eyes and it gives you a classy look. I always wear eyeliner when I go on a long travel.

Rule no.3 – Two or three coats of mascara. Mascara tends to fade a little this is why I will coat it a little more for the intensity, but in any case the eyeliner will keep your make up look good or you can use a waterproof mascara. 😉

Rule no. 4 – Do have a blush in your purse. The blush fades faster and having it on will make your face look fresh even if you are tired. The pale look is not that cool any way.

Extra rule! It would be good to own a setting spray for your make up. I have one from NYX in Matte Finish. It is pretty good. 😉

These are my 4 make up rules that I use on a long travel. Of course I do wear a small deodorant, antibacterial wipes, a small perfume , a travel size mouth wash, a travel size  tooth paste and a tooth-brush in my purse.

Regarding my hair I usually straightening it up with a flat-iron. In this way I don’t have to worry about its style. 🙂




photo source: http://www.decisivelatino.com


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