Fun Make Up for a Christmas Party

Hi there! Today is the day when I finally get to decorate the Christmas Tree. I’m so excited! Besides the fact that this Saturday will be my birthday , on Friday me and my husband will join an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. With all these parties around I figured a fun make up will be required so I worked on it today to share it with you and give you a fun idea. 🙂

I will post the pictures with the make up and I will write bellow some notes related to some tips I used . 😉  There will be a difference in the pictures as they were taken with different cameras but I was trying to also make you see the make up in more details.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me!



Fun Make up 5



1. Before applying the make up I used a white concealer on my eyelid to intensify the colors. I have one from Flormar. FullSizeRender (97)

2. To create the red lines I used a small brush that I previously sprayed with some make up setting spray. It gave me more control to create the shapes. It had like an eyeliner effect.


3. I filled in the gaps between the red lines with a silvery white eyeliner but you can do it with some white eye shadow. FullSizeRender (96)

I used this eyeliner for the lower liner of the eye too for more light.

4. For the rest of the eye lid I chose a sparkly gold. It gives that party effect. I used the gel eye shadow from Elf. I really like it. IMG_0647

5. With a wet small brush dabbed in a green eye shadow I contoured the lower line of the eye.


6. I applied mascara.

7. I added some white glitter on my cheekbones for a more sparkly effect. FullSizeRender (98)Fun make up3


7. For lips I used one of my favorites red lipstick. Beyonce Red , Infallible L’oreal . I dabbed a brush in some gold glitter and applied it on top of the lipstick, let it set in and then I added some lip gloss for extra shine. FullSizeRender (99)FullSizeRender (100)Fun make up 4– The lips are more red in reality .

The make up is ready and you are ready for party! I am ready to decorate my Christmas Tree. 😉


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