5 Cute and Elegant Outfits for your Christmas Party

Hi everyone! Only 3 days until Christmas! Yey! Parties, joy, gifts, good food and good mood. What can be better than that? I figured some of you might struggle with what to wear at a Christmas Party so I created 5 dress outfits just to give you some ideas referring to colors and combinations. I really went more on elegance and decency because this is more sexy than any short skirt or tight outfit. It will make you look classy and confident. I am not going to any Christmas party but if I would I would definitely go with the elegant and cute style.  Red , black and white are the main colors to be chosen no matter where you go as they will never get old. I added blue and green dresses as they match very well with this season too. Take a look at this outfits and also let me know what you will wear this Christmas or what color did you chose for your outfit. It will be interesting to know. Of course, any of these outfits can go pretty well to any cocktail party.

Enjoy wrapping presents and picking outfits everyone! 🙂

Outfit.no1- White- You can warm up white by accessorizing with a warm color like coral. It is actually pretty hot. 😉


image (8)

Outfit. No. 2 -Red . Red will always look nice and smooth with nude accessories and especially if they are a little shiny to match the season.

image (4)

Outfit.no.3- Green – A deep green dress will look festive with some earthy gold accessories. You can warm it up by adding some bright and sweet color like a peachy orange clutch. 😉



image (5)


Outfit No.4- Blue – A blue dress looks so elegant especially if it is from a silky fabric. The embroideries on the dress makes it look very classy and I chose a purse with embroideries  to keep it in the same line.

image (6)

Outfit No.5. – Black. This black dress is one of my favorites and I would love to have it. It expresses so much elegance in such a different way. I thought it will pair up perfectly with burgundy pumps and purse. The hair should definitely be pulled up  to keep the attention on the dress.




image (7)



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