Pastels for New Year’s Eve Party

Hello Everyone? Was Santa generous with you this year or you were on the naughty list?

Just few days have left until New Year’s Eve! 🙂 Probably many of you have already bought the outfit but there is still time to decide on something different and you can also find some really good prices with this After Christmas Sale.  Pastels were very famous on runways for the winter season and I find it as a good replacement of sequins. Those pastels are too sweet to need glitter on it but you can add some sparkle on the accessories.  I love sparkle and sequins dresses too. As a matter of fact last year I had a sequins dress . For this year I have a red lace midi dress but If I wouldn’t exclude a pastel outfit.

I created some pastel outfits that would match the event in my opinion just in case you want to go for it.  😉 If you don’t have still time for pastel outfits you can opt for pastel nails, lips or eye shadow but I would recommend it if you wear white, nudes or black . 🙂

For all this pastel outfits I kept the color palette as bright as possible and I added the sparkle in the accessories.  Keep your make up cute and simple but I would choose a pastel lipstick or I could draw a pastel line on the eye using an eyeliner. 🙂

image (12) image (9) image (10) image (11)


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