Make up removers I thought I’ll never use but work really good


When it comes to make up removers I like whatever works fast and good ,as honestly I get so lazy before bed when I have to remove my make up, so using something that works fast is very important for me ,especially because I prefer using long wear make up.

In the past,  I would use only the lotion type make up remover , no rinse required, which is not so easy to be found is US . The one that I used and liked was from POND’S.  As for the liquid ones for the eyes,  I tried some in the past and it would make my eyes tear a lot which was weird for me as they were especially made for the eyes so I was afraid to use them again until I found the perfect one.

“Take the day off ” from Clinique .


I first received it as a sample when I bought a foundation from them so knowing that Clinique has really good products I tried it and I loved it instantly.  It is a mixture of some sort of liquid and oils which makes removing eyes and lips make up really easy and also my eyes are ok with it.  This is a product I will continue to use for sure. 😉


POND’S and BURT’S BEES cleansing towelettes. 



I never thought that facial cleansing towelettes could be an efficient make up remover so I never considered using them before . First time I bought the ones from POND’S was at my husband’s suggestion who told me that POND’S have good products and I should try it . He was right! He was the one suggesting BURT’S BEES also. 😉

With one towelette I remove the make up from my entire face and it feels so clean and also smells nice. The same with BURT’S BEES . The texture on this towelettes fabric is a nice strong one which allows you to insist a little were the make up fails to remove faster,  but anyway they work good and fast so I am sticking with them.

I tried before the towelettes from Neutrogena but honestly it barely work to remove the foundation from my face . On the eyes it takes a lot of work to remove the make up .

These are make up removers I know they work well so I do recommend it for you to try it.

If you know others that work as good or better I would be happy to find out about it. 🙂









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