Naturally moisturized skin and no greasy feeling

Glam Slam Generation


This is actually something I posted before on another blog but as I can’t access it I will rewrite on this blog and probably this will happen with some of other posts too.

This method is probably not new but first time the idea came to my mind  was when I was thinking about shaving my legs. I didn’t want to put lotion after I will wax it as it might irritate my skin but I do wanted my skin to look nice. What you need is olive oil or coconut oil (this two is what i use but especially the olive oil) ! Rub your body with oil 5 minutes before taking a shower, then wash your body as you usually do , dry out with a towel and your done. Your skin is perfectly moisturized  , smooth and not greasy. The vitamin E in the oil will help prevent…

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