Nude shades for nails! Match it to your skin color !

Hi Ladies! Before Christmas , as I was wondering in the stores I found a set of nude nail polishes , from Barielle Shades – Nude Naughty. I actually found it in Burlington and I paid around 6$ for the whole set.

Cropic Share File

I like nude shades for the nails as I think it looks natural and elegant at the same time plus a shade that will match your skin color will make your hands and nails look longer , you know , like wearing a pair of nude shoes to make your legs longer.  More than that I read recently that nude shades for nails will be very trendy this 2015 Spring.

Ok, now let me present all this cute nude shades that I separated according to each skin color.

1. For Fair and  Light Skin. 

Barely There Shade . – It shows a little bit transparent on the nails but I love this pinkish nude. 

Cropic Share File (3)



Very Bare Shade . This one also has a pale pink shade in it and offers more coverage than the previous one. 

Cropic Share File (1)



2. For Medium Skin. -” No not now ” is the name of this shade and it looks like an intense beige. 

Cropic Share File (2)



3. For Olive Skin.  In “I got a headache shade” . This is a mixture of beige and olive green type of shade. 

Cropic Share File (4)



4. For Dark Skin – This shade is called “Gingerbread” but it looks so much like chocolate to me, especially when applied on the nails. Has an intense shine! 

Cropic Share File (5)



You can also mix and match any of this colors if you are just looking for contrast. I do not recommend that Olive Green Shade for Fair or Light Skin.


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