My acne routine plus some extra tips!

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Last year in March I had an unexpected breakout . It felt horrible  with lots of pimples on my face and they were painful too. It was unpleasant to even wash my face. Fortunately , after trying other products , I found the right ones that worked better and I want to share it with you just in case you are looking for the right product.

1. On the spot Neutrogena  

This one works very good. I apply it on the affected area in the night and by morning takes out the swelling and the redness and it dries the pimples out.

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TIP. If you don’t have any product at home , applying tooth paste on the pimples and let it dry will have the same effect. I tried it many times.  


2.Rapid Clear -Neutrogena 

Honestly, this products didn’t impressed me much. It is excellent for an extra cleaning and toning  but you don’t see a difference in 8 hours. It is good  as a cleanser for black heads  and toner . You can use it before  you apply On the Spot treatment or by itself.

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TIP. You can use Propolis Extract to clean your face. Clears black heads and acts like a toner without drying your skin. 

3. Oil Free Acne Wash – foam scrub-Neutrogena

If you have acne problems you need to keep you pores cleans so exfoliating your skin will do that for you. It is even better if contains salicylic acid . I actually like this one. It helps.

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TIP. Applying honey on your face for 10 to 20 minutes will help a lot with your acne. 

4. Acne Solutions Foundation from Clinique 

This foundation contains salicylic acid so it treats your skin while you wear it. Has good coverage too. I will purchase this one again. It is really good.

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This is my current acne treatment routine and it works pretty well. Let me know if you have tried any of this products before and how it worked for you or what you use currently and really works. 🙂


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