Street style casual. Skirt, jeans and dress outfit ideas.

Hello there. When it is sunny and not so cold you just want to dress comfy but still cute and go for a walk, or for a coffee but most of the times shopping.  I love playing with my own items from the closet but until I get more pro about taking photos I will just create some outfits that match my style to share it with you and give some ideas.

1. The black  jeans. Keep it simple , mono or duo and add just a bit of color. Here I added some red sun glasses. I would keep the eye make up very low-key, nude style and put on a red lipstick. Referring the hair style I would do some loose curls. 

image (13)


2. Pretty with a plaid skirt. I matched the skirt with the bag and added that Cyan or Blue green shade for the cardigan and shoes. I thought added another pop of color with the yellow earrings will look dolly and cute.  I would try a cute pastel pink lipstick or lip gloss  and wear my hair in a pony tail. 

image (14)

3. That jeans shirt dress. I have a shirt dress but not a jean one that I want so much. Jeans go well with red , red goes well with animal print and animal print goes well with jeans so I made a match with all of those.  For this outfit I would get the cat eyes look using an eye liner and put on a nude shade on my lips. I would do my hair in a cool braid. A french braid or a fish tail braid.

image (15) 


These are my 3 street style casual picks for today only,  because the variation of outfits and ideas can go a long way.

What is your best pick?


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