Fuchsia make up and nails

Hi everyone! 🙂

Today I will post colorful make up and nails but intense though as we are getting ready for the weekend. Fuchsia is one of my favorite colors as it combines purple and pink together and it is a cute happy color.

I will post the pictures which will say more than I can with words but I will also let you know what I used and how I used it.

For the eyes , I used 3 different shades and one of them is fuchsia. The eye shadows are from my professional Parisax  palette which has colors selected by me, except the black one which is from Flormar . Both are European brands and I’m not sure you can find it in US but they have good pricing and good quality. I also used a black eyeliner and a white eye liner.

Cropic Share File (17)

Cropic Share File (19)



1. I used that soft shiny beige eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye and up on the brow bone.

2. On the eye lid I used fuchsia . Blend it a little.

3. On the external corner of the eye lid I used the black eye shadow which I blended slightly into the eye lid and then go up into the crease to create the shadows. Add color as needed but start with less in the beginning as black is tricky. 😉

4. Draw a line at the base of your eye lid , really close to the eye lashes to intensify the make up   and create a thin line upward like you would use liquid eye liner, almost like the cat eye look but very soft, barely noticeable. You can make it as you wish if you want but mine is very soft in this make up.

5. Contour the water line with white eye liner to add more light to the make up.

6. Contour softly the lower line of the eye with the black eye liner , then smudge over some fuchsia eye shadow.

7. To complete the make up ad mascara (I did only mascara) or false eye lashes to make it more dramatic.

Now let’s go to the lips !     

Cropic Share File (21)


1. I contoured the lips . For the lips I used Urban Decay , Glide on Pencil in Venom shade.

2. One of my favorite lipstick shade from Loreal Infallible, Enduring Berry.

3. In the center of the lips I added some white concealer to give more volume but also to create an ombre kind of look.

Cropic Share File (16)Cropic Share File (20)


I wanted to keep the make up in the same color line so the blush was a soft pink one . 🙂

Ok, finished with the face make up, now let’s go to the nails !  

For the nails I used a deeper shade of fuchsia, that has some soft shimmer in it and which is also one of my favorites.  I used Essie nail polish in “Jamaica me crazy” shade. 🙂

Cropic Share File (15)


I hope you liked my make up tutorial and I will be happy if you would share your opinions! 🙂




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