Wearing a suit in a fun way

Hi everyone! 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend. The article today will be about how to make a pant suit look more relaxed , slightly sporty, colorful but still classy. 🙂

To funk up my suit, I used colorful and cute elements, like a deep pink crop top, high top and high heel (not to high) Nike sneakers in a fuchsia like color, a deep pink purse or a cute laptop bag depending on where you go and what you need to carry.



I have a high waist pant suit which goes perfectly with a crop top but if you don’t , just use a cute colorful top.

The accessories :

– To match the colorful sporty look I wore  colorful bracelets and a calorie count watch on my wrist.


– To match the classy style of the suit I wore a pearl necklace in shades of grey.

Suit outfit



Mix it, match it and look original in your pant suit. 😉


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