One long sleeve maxi dress, 4 styles

Hello everyone! 🙂

I was looking for a long sleeve maxi dress for a while. It looks really elegant but versatile at the same time. It is easy to pull off no matter if it is summer or winter , if you want to look elegant or just are in the mood for a sporty style.  In this article I will show you the 4 styles I chose to wear it but of course I will not limit myself as there are many options to wear such dress.  I found this dress in H&M , was on sale and lucky me, they had only one left which happened to be my size.

I will post here my styles for this dress but I am also open to new ideas. 🙂

1. The classic duo. Black and White.  There is not much to say about this , just combine black and white as you will never go wrong.

Maxi dress1


2. Keep the elegant style but add some color. I went on another classic style and I added red.

Maxi Dress3



3. Mostly black. This is a winter warm type of outfit but still keeps a casual chic type of style. Thick black stockings , black , high heel ankle boots, a long black warm cardigan and a black infinity scarf.

Maxi Dress4


4. The sporty look. You can easily pull this off with a pair of sneakers and a jean jacket.

Maxi dress2



Which one is your favorite and how do you wear your maxi dress? 🙂


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