Making my Marsala dress sparkle

Hello everyone! Since it had been decided by the fashion industry that Marsala is the pantone color of 2015 I had to have something on this color. I like this color because it is somehow different and puts a different trend out there.

The dress I am wearing in these pictures is more like a shirt dress but I love the sleeves on it. This is more of a night or party type of wear as I added sparkling elements. The necklace, the clutch, the shoes and the ring.

I wore this dress on my birthday but  in a  more casual style as it was in December and I celebrated  somewhere  outside. I wore it then with Marsala leggings, the same necklace, thigh high black boots  and a rolled sleeved black jacket to highlight the sleeve cut of the dress. 🙂

The dress is a little bit see through and some nice black high waist shorts would look sexy underneath.




Marsala 1



Now I only need a place to wear this outfit. 😉

What is your Marsala item with which you will rock this trend?


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