Pearly pink make up

Hi everyone! I thought about making a make up with some soft pink . For me this is such a cute girlie color  . In this make up I added some grey accents, as grey matches pink so well and gave it a stylish look using eyeliner .

Take a look at the picture below and follow the instructions to get this make up. 🙂

Pearly pink

How to do it :

1. On the eyelid I applied a cute pink eye shadow from Loreal Infallible/ Pearly Pink.

2. I contoured the crease with a grey eye shadow. I used Gunmetal from the NAKED palette.

3. On the eye brow bone I applied an almost nude pink. I used Sin from the NAKED palette.

4. Create a cute wing using an eyeliner. I used Blackest Black from Loreal Infallible.

5. I contoured the lower line of the eye with the grey eye shadow and right above it I contoured with pearly pink for more light.

6. Apply any mascara you would like or False Eye Lashes. 🙂

7. On the lips I used Super Stay 14h Lipstick from Maybelline /Perpetual Peony and for more volume and shine I applied some lip gloss on top- Milani-3D Glitzy , Glamour Gloss no.39.

Cropic Share File (25)

Cropic Share File (24)


Make up ready! 🙂



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