Tuesday Mood: Daring outfit, my favorite coffee, motivation and inspiration

Hello everybody. I am so busy working at some of my goals lately and didn’t really had time to post but I finally made some time for it. 🙂

One thing I am happy about is that Starbucks has now on the menu the flat white which is my favorite coffee. It has the perfect amount of coffee and milk and it is such a pleasure for me to drink it.  I had a doctor appointment for my sinuses this morning and each time I am going to the doctor I feel the need for my “candy” which is the flat white from Starbucks. Another good thing is a good positive book. This one in the picture is next on my reading list and I still have such a long reading list.

Tuesday coffee

Another thing that makes me happy are bright colors combined in an outfit that looks daring, comfortable and chic at the same time. It is not what I wore today but this is definitely something I would pick and a combination I will make in the future. I am waiting for warmer days. 🙂

image (20)

Each day starts with motivation and my everyday motivation is a positive attitude no matter what. Everything has at least one solution so focus on that. 😉


Of course, no day can go away without music . I love music and when lyrics makes you feel strong, motivated and proud of who and how you are then that’s a perfect combination.

Hope you guys have an amazing day no matter in which of the days you will be reading this.


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