3D Lashes at half a price from Physicians Formula! Review .



Hello there! I mentioned before in my other articles that I don’t get along with falsies so this lash extensions mascara seemed like a good idea. Originally Younique  came up with this idea and they are selling it for 30$. Unfortunately for them , Physicians Formula caught up and they came up with their own Lash Extension Mascara for 15$.  I didn’t try the Younique one but is the same, I have no doubt as it comes in 2 containers :

1.  Mascara




2 The extensions which is actually some black fuzz.



Pros: It actually works very well as you will see in the pictures bellow.

Cons: That fuzz is so messy. Don’t apply your foundation before you apply this mascara but do it after as it will fall lots of that black fuzz and it spreads . You might have some of that fuzz falling in your eyes too and honestly, just because of this I wouldn’t use this mascara everyday.

How it works: Apply first a coat of mascara , then a coat of that fuzz, then another coat of mascara. Repeat the process if you want more effect. 🙂

Overall the products is ingenious although I would give the first credits to Younique as I first heard about this kind of product from then but Physicians Formula made it lot more accessible to everyone as you can get it from almost everywhere and at half price.

Here are my eyelashes with regular mascara. This is an older picture but in all of them it looks the same.IMG_1965


The Lash Extensions Effect using Physicians Formula 🙂




If you want it , just run to Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, ULTA  or other store where they have a cosmetic aisle. 😉



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