DIY very easy 3D Lashes Effect

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Hello, Hello! After I tried the 3D Mascara (here is the link to my review) I thought about a less expensive and less messy method to get the same effect.

Here are my lashes just using mascara as usual. 🙂


I won’t keep you waiting by writing too much about it as you just have to use 3 tools that I am sure you own and follow these simple steps.

1. You need mascara.

2. You need powder.

3. A brush.

How to do it:

1. Apply mascara.

2. Before mascara gets dried apply a coat of powder with a brush.

3. Apply mascara again.

4. Depending on the effect you want, repeat the steps.

I’m really not sure if here I just did it once or apply it twice. I honestly forgot. ;))

In this photo I compared the effect so you can have an idea. 🙂

1. In the first one is my DIY 3D Lashes idea. 

2. In the second one is the Mascara Lash Extension from Physicians Formula. 🙂


I remembered how my mother used to apply some powder on the tips of the eyelashes to make it longer but hey, you can even make it fuller.  For a maximum effect,  a mascara for intense volume would be awesome. Maybeline has some good ones as I tried it myself but I’m sure other brands can work as well.

For these pictures I used some Mascara from Clinique. 🙂

Try it and tell me how you liked it. 😉


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