Suede, grids, flowers and colors for spring.

image (25)

Hi everyone! 🙂 Spring is about to come and so is our feel for renewal and excitement for dressing more colorful and more relaxed. I gathered information these days about this spring’s wear from some fashion magazines , I’ve put together some of the items just to inspire your outfit idea and here I am sharing it all with you.  The surprise is actually the suede and the grid as I would have expected floral and colors for the spring.

1. Floral. Floral had been a do in the fall as well and I honestly like that feminine and romantic look it gives. 

image (22)


2. Colors. I love colors so…Go colors in spring and in summer and all the time! 

image (21)


3. Suede. Suede stuff was never something I preferred, especially when it comes to shoes as it seems to me like it is gathering dust too fast and if it is rainy and you were not prepared, so long with good-looking shoes. I would try a suede dress or skirt and even a jacket. I like the softy look. 

image (23)


4. The grid. I would wear it occasionally on a shirt and I do have a pink grid dress. It somehow looks vintage to me, elegant, a little bit masculine but sexy at the same time.  

image (24)


I’m sure you have floral and color in your closet , all you need now is suede and grid and you will be in the trend this spring. 😉


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