Just a typical woman


Sometimes I think being a woman is such a burden as we are so interested in so many not really important things and we pay lots of time and money on it but at the end of the day I sit there and get honest to myself. I know that all that make up, shoes, clothes, changing my hair is not the most important thing in the world but I love it. I love dressing up, I love putting on make up, I love changing my hair often and I truly love buying perfume and shoes.  The situation has it that I stay in the house more now and I am busy lately with studying and working on some projects for my future career so I am all day without make up, wearing only my sport clothes and so on, which is not actually me. Then, when I am going out and put myself together, a nice make up, arranging my hair, putting on a nice outfit and my favorite perfume, I look in the mirror and I see myself shining . Why I am not doing this everyday? When did I stop doing this? I ask myself. It’s like I am rediscovering myself .  I love  to look put together all the time.  At my previous job, my colleagues were asking how early do I get up to look like this in the morning.  I would get up 1hr or sometimes 1hr 1/2 earlier . ( Work started at 9 a.m.so it was not that early, around 7 a.m. )

I was excited thinking what will I wear and how I will do my make up this time as it will never look the same .  I like looking “new” all the time. They say that going out without make up is a sign of confidence and I did it many times but for me putting on make up and do all those beauty stuff is an act of creativity and with the risk of sounding shallow it does make me feel better about myself. At the end of the day  I am just a  typical woman and I love the things that come with it. 🙂


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