2015 Spring’s Favorite Blues

image (28)

Hi there! Fresh news about some cute blue shades trending this spring. It is not about sad blues at all but about the fun happy fresh blue.  In this Spring’s highlight you will be able to find the Aquamarine and the Scuba Blue .  In the pictures bellow you will be able to find these cute blues as makeup eye shadow but also in the outfits. I love it both . The eye shadow trend I have it solved , all I need now is to get some outfit pieces to match it all.

Aquamarine is actually the star as I have seen it everywhere and in lots of fashion magazines  but also the scuba blue looks fresh and nice . Both of this blue shades will be in trend for this summer as well.

Aquamarine. It really looks cute and fresh. 


image (26)




Scuba blue – On the fashion podiums it looked super cute matched with Red. The scuba blue is the base color of this dress but I love how it has the floral patterns in that deeper blue. 

image (27)













Notice: Some of these pictures are courtesy of Polyvore. 


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