That moment when you regret cutting your hair


I was surfing the net and found this picture about girls and haircuts and I really found myself in it.  Some years ago, when the bob trend was really in, I thought it would be a good idea if I would cut my hair. I had long hair . I thought cutting it shorter would be an act of rebellion, will make me feel more free and it will take less time to arrange my hair! Finally a new me!


When I got out from the salon I was satisfied because my hair was very nicely styled but in the following days I regretted my decision. The hair was even harder to style as I don’t have straight or curly hair , is somewhere in the middle , and I didn’t have a very good flat-iron either or I didn’t know how to correctly use it. The point is that it was taking me even longer to style my hair. More than that I couldn’t get used with the idea that my hair was shorter . I always had the impression that I still had  long hair .  I had to wait few months for my hair to grow long enough so I can change the haircut and grow it in an easier to style hair.  Since then, like 7 years,  I never cut my hair that short although I was tempted to make it a lob last summer.

I love changes though , so instead of cutting it shorter I either dye it differently or cut it in layers for more volume . ;))

I need to come back and read my post when I feel like I want to cut it shorter. ;)) It’s my reminder.


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