Earthy eyes ( brown smokey eyes ) makeup


Hello people! 😀 Today is about a softer type of smokey eyes that is simple to do and will match lighter skin and lighter eyes like blue or green very well. It works good on medium and dark skin as well (I have medium skin and brown eyes) but offers a softer yet sophisticated contrast for lighter skin.

This type of make up doesn’t require any special skills. 😉


1. Apply the lighter shade in the  inner corner of your eye and go up and cover the brow bone as well.   This will give some light and freshness to your make up.

2. Apply a generous amount of a deep brown eye shadow and smudge it a little bit to soften the look.  Depending on how intense you want the make up you will have to apply the brown several times.

3. Contour the eyes with a brown kohl and smudge slightly.  If you want extra brightness you can go with a white kohl on the waterline .

4. Apply mascara.


5. For a fresh sweet look, go with a coral, peach or pink blush and keep the lip color in the same color line with the blush. A bit of lip gloss will make it look even fresher.


For this make up I used a Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals Palette that I bought from CVS . It’s under 10$ . I don’t remember the price exactly.



8 thoughts on “Earthy eyes ( brown smokey eyes ) makeup

      1. If you were close I would try some make up on you that you wouldn’t think would look good at first . I have a friend , she has light skin and she doesn’t really wears make up so first time I did it she freaked out but after a while I even gave her a black smokey eye make up and she loved it. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

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  1. Do a trial run on her, I’m sure she will love it. I use to do my mom’s make up for special events. The last time was for her 80th birthday party. I live in a different state than my mom did, but I was still amazed at how good her skin looked at 80. Very minimal wrinkles and small pores.


    1. Well, my mom is in Spain but I told her I will get there one day early and I will give her a trial. She usually does her own make up but I’m a little bit more up to date with some tricks . ;)) My grandma has a good skin as well and she’s 84. 🙂

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