Mani Monday. My 5 Spring nails ideas

Hope you have a great week start!  I will post today some cute and simple nail art ideas you can do this Spring. I don’t really use special tools , I received some nail art brushes but it will take me a while to get to it. For most of my designs (some look a bit clumsy) I used a toothpick, it really is an excellent tool, and the nail polishes with that long thin brush to help you create lines and models are useful as well.  For me , what I can do now is a  big progress as I was really bad at doing my own manicure and I never thought I can even do any type of art on my nails but I realized that  with a bit of effort and imagination you can do anything. 🙂

I will  post the pictures as I like to be more direct and all you have to do is to tell me which is your favorite? 😀  I even named them like I’m about to sell them. ;))

Yellow candy! 🙂 


Love(ly) blue. 🙂   IMG_2582

Fresh green. 🙂 


Draw the (blue) line! 


Spring french. 



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