Braid it up! Braid style ideas.

Hi lovely people! I always thought braids look cool and romantic and are so in trend. Braiding hair, especially french braiding , I never thought it could be something I can do but if you try hard enough there is nothing you can’t actually do. You have to like it as well. 🙂  Today I will post some braid styles I tried on my step daughters  and hope to give you some hair style ideas. 🙂


French trio!  It starts as a french braid , then you split the hair in 3 , braid each of the parts and  carefully braid the 3 braids  together and secure with a hair elastic.



Princess french braid. Do it like french braiding but add larger pieces of hair and roll the hair , then loose it  up as much as you can to make it look fuller.




Backside french bow. Holding your head upside down start braiding the hair in the back of your head. Secure with a pony tail and then put it in a bun or make a bow bun.





The fish tail braid. This one is simple, just start it from the middle of your head. 😉



Pony tail braid. Put your hair up in a pony tail and then braid it starting from the half of the pony tail.


The middle french. Separate the sides of your hair, french braid the middle , add the sides and finish it in a normal braid or how ever you wish. 🙂





Hope you liked my braids and got some new hairstyle ideas from this images.


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