Innocent Berry, prom/party make up

Hi everyone! It had been a while but I’m finally back and not with empty hands but with a fresh new make up.

The make up today can be used for a prom or a night out. I kept the same line of colors for this one and I was pretty satisfied with what came up of it.

I used two make up palette : BH Cosmetics, Take me to Brazil which is full of vibrant colors and Parisax palette  with some luminous eye shadows to bring up some light to the eyes. The extras are the liquid eyeliner, and a kohl eyeliner.



1. I went on the crease going upwards and downwards to the outer corner of the eye with the berry color no.1 that you can see in the upper left side of the picture.

2. I accentuated the outer corner of the eye with the deeper berry shade you can see on the upper right side.

2. I applied the “magenta like ” eye shadow on the lid.

3. I brightened the eye inner corner with the shiny warm vanilla  shade.

4. I used a liquid eye liner on the upper lid to elongate the eyes and to give more drama.

5. I used a black eyeliner for the water line to intensify the make up and added some color on the lower line of my eye, using the ones I used  on the make up,  to complete the make up and to open the eye more.

6. Add mascara or for a more dramatic effect use false eye lashes .

The make up is ready and you are ready to party. 😉


The make up looks more intense than in the pictures. It was too much light when I took the photos but I hope you like it. 🙂

Happy 5 de Mayo ! 🙂 



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