Making your shoes more comfortable

I wanted to reblog this as I posted it in the beginning, when I made this blog and didn’t had too many followers. I also thought that this tip might help some of you. 🙂

Glam Slam Generation

shoes small feet

Getting to how you make your shoes more comfortable. 🙂 The idea came to my mind in order to make my life easier and to be able to fully  enjoy what I was doing. In my previous job I was traveling for international fairs where it requires hours of standing in your feet and also to look nice and elegant as you represent the company. I loved what I was doing and being in contact with people but my feet were killing me! Sometimes I wanted to cry! As I was in the hotel room , getting ready for a new fair day, my eyes got on my cotton pads with which I was removing my make up. I was like ” for sure walking on cotton must feel different”! It did! I put the cotton pads on my soles and I pulled some of those thin , sheer stockings…

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