Makeup! Dark green fantasy and Mono purple

Hi everyone,

These days I tried some make up combinations. It’s not such a big deal but if you needed some inspiration I have two new looks for you . 😉 I won’t explain these makeups step by step though but I will give you some hints on the color palette. 🙂

  1. Dark green fantasy .  For this look I used dark green of course, red-brown for the crease, black for the outer corner of the eye and a shiny light beige for the eye lid and brow bone. 🙂  Although we are in the middle of the summer this would be a great look for fall time.




2. Mono purple. This is a monochrome makeup, using a lighter shade and a darker shade of purple. Purple is great for every eye color and is one of my favorite colors. 🙂 The lighter shade was used on the inner part of the eyelid and the darker one on the outer part , blending the colors really well to get a very smooth transition.  Complete the make up with eyeliner . For the lower side of the eye I used a purple eyeliner. 🙂




Wish you all an awesome weekend! 😀


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