Gold makeup look for fall

Hi there!

This is the first fall weekend! Not doing anything special today, just enjoying my dogs and family and writing a new post for you. Lately most of my posts are about makeup but I will write soon reviews to some awesome products as well.

Today’s post is about a gold makeup look for this fall, for when you needed some inspiration.

To create this look you need, a nice gold eye shadow , a red-brown one, liquid eyeliner , mascara and a light beige eyeliner.

Go in the crease with a neutral color , like a shade of brown that’s a little bit darker than your skin color, on the eyelid apply the gold shade, then , with an angled brush, using the red-brown eye shadow  start creating that winged type of contour going towards the crease , to frame gold eye shadow.

Wing the eyeliner in the same direction with the red- brown eye shadow , almost like you would do a cat-eye look.

In the water line and as well on the lower line of the eye, contour with the beige eyeliner to brighten and open the eye. If your eyes are too big then contour with a black or dark brown eye liner.  Apply mascara and it’s done! 😉




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