Cheap stuff that won’t disappoint you

Hello there,

I didn’t write in a while but the pregnancy has something to do with it. It makes me so lazy. I feel like I don’t want to use my brain for anything. This is my last month from my third trimester and I just feel more tired and puffy.  ;))  Anyway, I am still interested in make up and beauty so the other day I stopped by Dollar General and I found some interesting things there at excellent prices and I would like to share my findings with you.

  1. Cotton Powder Puffs. These are better to use when applying powder on your problem areas than a brush because you can just slightly pat the powder to fix it without brushing away the foundation.  It’s a pack of 3 and it was around 2$.


2. Cosmetic Sponge Wedges.  This is a great one time use for applying make up or for using it to help you with your nail art . I soon realized that they are a must have. It’s 28 in a pack for just 2$.


3. The blending sponge. This is a great tool to have. We all love it and for 2$ works as well as the expensive ones. I couldn’t see too much of a difference, plus I like to have more than one of these.



4. Callus Remover. This has nothing to do with make up but has to do with beauty, even if we talk about the beauty of your feet.  2$ as well, as I remember. It is small and efficient if you don’t have plenty of time to run for a pedicure.



Dollar General has become a great store to find small beauty and nails supplies at great prices. Doing some market research can help you actually save your money for other type of things is actually worth investing more money .

Spend your money smart girls! 😉




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