Elf lustrous eye-shadow


Hi there and welcome to this wonderful month of December!

I have been missing a lot but I have been busy giving birth , taking care of my new-born baby girl and trying to accommodate to sleepless nights. ;))

As she is taking her nap , I am taking my time to finally write an article.  This is about one of my favorite gel eye-shadows as it looks amazing , it is easy to apply and blend, it is long-lasting and is around 3$.  There is nothing more I could ask for in matter of gel/creamy eye-shadows as my eye lids tend to get a bit oily and it was hard for me to pull off a creamy/gelly eye-shadow. Not to say that this type of eye-shadow is perfect for winter and for mature skin.

You will see in the following pictures how gorgeous these eye-shadows  looks .


Until now I found only these 3 shades in stores but I am keeping my eye on what comes next.

Here is a look I made using all these 3 shades so you can get an idea of how it looks on the eye lid. 🙂



I would say, if you see it, buy it. It is worth it girls! 😉



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